Besides the radiologist Philip G. Petry, the team of the Heidelberg Health System is comprised of many expert medical consultants and designated fitness and dietary professionals who will assist you as part of your individual health program:

HeidelbergerHealthSystem Dr Kaden

Prof. Jens Kaden

Internist, Cardiologist

Prof. Jens Kaden, M.D. studied medicine in Heidelberg, Mannheim and New Orleans. After finishing his residency in internal medicine and cardiology he worked as head of the cardiological outpatient department and assistant medical director at the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Mannheim University Hospital. He completed his post-doctoral studies on the etiology of valvular heart disease and received his habilitation from the faculty of medicine. In 2008, he was appointed as Adjunct Professor at the University of Heidelberg.

In his scientific work, Prof. Jens Kaden can look back on numerous publications in specialist medical journals and is in great demand as a speaker at national and international conferences. His professional ethics call for giving each patient individual treatment of their medical problems to the highest standard and with the best medical care.

HeidelbergerHealthSystem Faendrich

André Fändrich

Physiotherapist & Sports Physiotherapist

Since 1998, André Fändrich has been in private practice as a state-licensed physiotherapist & sports physiotherapist of the German Sports Association (Deutscher Sportbund, DSB). In 2004, he completed his vocational training as a Qualified Personal Trainer®. “There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path! I accompany you on your individual path to health, well-being, and fitness – from nutrition analysis via setting goals with regard to your medical results up to the joint realization of your fitness workout.”

HeidelbergerHealthSystem LisaHopp

Lisa Hopp

Nutritional Scientist MSc
Expert Dietician of Fortuna Vital

"Do you need help and advice regarding a well-balanced diet despite a hectic daily routine? Do you want to feel more productive and efficient? Then Fortuna Vital provides you with competent advice concerning vital substances, nutritional counselling, fitness, and prevention."

HeidelbergerHealthSystem Durani

Dr. B. K. Durani, M.D.

Dermatologist, Allergist

Since 2004, Dr. K. Durani has worked as a resident dermatologist and allergist in private practice. Besides dermatology and allergology he puts his main emphasis on the detection and medical treatment of basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Outpatient surgery, laser techniques, and allergen testing are part of his range of treatments - as well as individual patient care in the integrated cosmetic treatment department.

HeidelbergerHealthSystem Goesele

Dr. Stephanie Gösele


After finishing my studies at the University of Heidelberg, I spent one year in an ophthalmologist practice in Ludwigshafen, closely cooperating with the specialized center for LASIK surgery of Prof. Knorz (FreeVis LASIK) in Mannheim. In 2003, I opened my own private practice. Thanks to the practice's connection to the Centre for Ophthalmological Diagnostics (AugenDiagnostikCentrum) in Heidelberg we have at our disposal a wide range of diagnostic devices for the early detection of ophthalmologic diseases (e.g. glaucoma or macular degeneration).”

HeidelbergerHealthSystem Kickinger

Dr. med. Klaus Kickinger


Dr. Klaus Kickinger is a specialist in neurology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and psychotherapy. After finishing his training at the neurological department of Heidelberg University Hospital and the psychiatric department of Mannheim University Hospital (ZI), he worked as assistant medical director of the outpatient department in Mannheim. For 31 years, Dr. Kickinger has been working as a resident neurologist in Mannheim. Today, he works as a private doctor in our clinic.

HeidelbergerHealthSystem Quintana

Dr. Mallorqui Quintana


It is part of my professional ethics – and at the same time my personal opinion as a woman– that the annual or semiannual gynecological screening for cancer should take place in a pleasant, familiar, confidential, and respectful atmosphere.”